How to spot a dodgy roofing company in Manchester

How to spot a dodgy roofing company in Manchester

With cases of fraud on the rise, we have put together this guide on how to spot a dodgy roofing company in Manchester to help you with pointers to ensure your Manchester Roofers are reputable and won’t rip you off!

Here are some signs that a roofer might be dodgy…

How to spot a dodgy roofing company in Manchester:

  1. Insurance & Credentials
  2. Sales Tactics
  3. Unsolicited Offers
  4. Address & Website
  5. Payment Terms
  6. Reviews & Ratings
  7. Lack Of Communication

1. Insurances & Credentials

A legitimate Manchester roofing company will have the proper credentials and insurance required to do the job. If the roofer giving you a quote cannot provide proof of their credentials and insurance, it’s a red flag. Another point to ask for when it comes to credentials is to see their Health & Safety Policy.

2. High-pressure sales tactics

Beware of roofers who use high-pressure sales tactics to try and get you to sign a contract quickly. A reputable roofer will provide you with a detailed written estimate and give you time to review it.

3. Unsolicited offers

Be cautious of roofers who show up at your door uninvited, offering to inspect your roof for free or offering a deal that seems too good to be true. It’s always best to research and choose a roofing contractor based on reputation and referrals. Check that the people who are providing you with the quote legitimately work for the company they are purporting to be. 

4. No physical address or legitmate website

Fraudsters are getting clever – at Evolution Roofing we have been victim of identity fraud ourselves recently and the fraudsters went as far as creating a fake website to spoof unsuspecting customers! Doing a quick digital audit on the company can help you with how to spot a dodgy roofing company in Manchester. Here’s a few points:

  • Company website with Limited Company number 
  • Registered business address on Companies House
  • Corporate email address (look out for or email endings as they aren’t using business email services)
  • There should be a consistent name, telephone number and contact information – look out for lots of different numbers or changing numbers.
  • The Team matching the people giving you the quote on the website
  • Official quotation paperwork

Manchester Web Design Specialist Pamela Rae-Welsh comments “Look out for websites that use a lot of photos which are from image sites and don’t have a team page. Also make sure your quote and communication is coming from a company email address rather than a free gmail account or similar. Scammers and dodgy companies are getting more sophisticated so it is best to do your research before committing to such a big investment.”

5. Payment Terms

Beware of roofers who ask for full payment upfront before starting the work. A legitimate Manchester roofer will typically ask for a deposit upfront and will only request full payment once the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Also look out for people who ask for payment to go to personal accounts or accounts in other people’s names. This is a definite red flag when thinking about how to spot a dodgy roofing company in Manchester.

6: Reviews & Ratings

Always check reviews and ratings from previous customers before choosing your best Manchester roofer. If a roofer has poor ratings or reviews, it may be a sign of poor workmanship or unethical business practices. 

We have over 70 5* reviews at Evolution Roofing which all detail the excellent service and attention to detail we give to every roofing job we take on in Manchester.

7: Lack Of Communication

Communication is key when working with a roofing contractor. If a roofer is difficult to reach, doesn’t return phone calls or emails promptly, or doesn’t communicate clearly, it may be a sign of poor customer service and workmanship, or that they are scammers. 

looking for a reputable roofing company in manchester?

Get in touch with Christian today to see how we can help and get your roof fixed quickly, efficiently and with excellent value for money. 

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Chris and the team at Evolution Roofing have over 30 years experience in the roofing trade and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, efficient work and a zero default finish on all their projects. Proudly serving Manchester, Salford and beyond they are committed to using the best materials and techniques to give you ultimate satisfaction every time – with an insurance backed guarantee to give you additional confidence. 


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