18 winter checks to perform on your home

18 winter checks to perform on your home to protect it

These 18 winter checks to perform on your home will help to protect your property from the damaging effects the colder months can have. From clearing your gutters, bleeding your radiators to checking your roof, these 18 checks will ensure your home is safe and secure this winter.


1. Clear your gutters.

A simple check and clear out of your gutters each winter can protect your home from flooding and other water damage. You can use a brush or a rake to clear any debris and leaves, but if you are not feeling confident up a ladder then call a professional to help.

2. Check your fencing.

Making sure your fencing is secure and that is has protection to be able to withstand the elements will prevent needing costly repairs and replacements. This guide will give you guidance on how to maintain your garden fence this winter.

3. Inspect your shed.

Often forgotten about, your shed can take a bit of a battering over winter, so checking that it is secure, not leaking and that all items inside are protected from the harsh weather can save a lot of frustration (and cost!) over winter.

4. Check your roof.

Inspecting your roof for any damage, any loose tiles or wear and tear is important for protecting your home this winter. Call out a professional to help you if you are unsure or don’t feel confident getting up on your roof yourself. At Evo Roofing we pride ourselves on taking digital images of your roof to show our customers so that you can see exactly what is going on and can make an informed decision about what is best for your property.  

5. Check your paving and walkways.

Trip hazards can be lethal in winter. Ensure you’ve checked and repaired any defaults so you avoid any nasty accidents over the icy winter months.

6. Maintain your chimney.

Chimney repairs are a speciality for us at Evo Roofing. Make sure you take care of your chimney can save you money in the long run – check out more information here.

7. Inspect your drains.

It is always a good idea to give your drains a check before the winter kicks in, to ensure that everything is in working order and that there are no blockages which could cause further issues down the line.

8. Clear your airbricks.

Make sure that if you have airbricks they are clear and unobstructed. This will ensure adequate ventilation through your property in the winter.


9. Windows and doors.

Checking your windows and doors for any damage and wear and tear will save you from bigger problems when the frost and icy weather kick in. Checking for any sealing issues can also prevent mould and drafts occurring  which is more energy efficient. 

10. Service your boiler.

Having your boiler regularly serviced not only protects it from breaking down just when you need it, it also helps your heating and water to work as efficiently as possible – which can save you money and keep you warmer this winter.

11. Bleed your radiators.

Your central heating may not be working as efficiently as it could be if there is air trapped in your radiators – which can then mean it takes longer to heat your home and cost you more money! Grab a towel and a bleeding key and you’ll have this job done in no time and it will pay dividends across winter.

12. Check your smoke detectors.

Regularly checking that your smoke detector is working and that the batteries are charged will keep your family safe should the unthinkable happen and a fire break out.

13. Maintain your locks.

There is nothing more frustrating than being locked out because the locks have seized up in the cold! Give your locks a service before the harsh weather sets in and you’ll protect yourself from getting locked out.

14. Inspect your loft.

Checking your loft to ensure that your insulation is in place and that there is no water coming in through your roof is an important winter check to complete to ensure your home is protected. You may need to call out a local roofer if you find any issues – the earlier you can identify any issue the better.

15. Service your fires.

If you have any type of fire in your home, a gas fire, wood burner or electric fire, make sure it is serviced to protect your family against fire risks.

16. Reset your heating timer.

Use the autumn as an opportunity to reset the timer on your thermostat to ensure the water and heating is on when you actually need it. Make sure the timer is working properly and set to the right temperature. 

If you are planning to be away for any period of time from your home then consider leaving the heating on low so that you can prevent frozen and burst pipes. 

17. Create a power cut pack.

Create a power cut emergency kit. This is a handy pack of essentials that will ensure you are not scrabbling around for things in the dark and can be prepared for if the outage continues for a period of time.

Things to include in your emergency pack:

  • Torches
  • Candles
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Power Bank for Devices
  • Batteries
  • Blankets
  • Entertainment!

18. Update your emergency contact list.

Make sure your list of emergency contacts is up to date so you can get a quick call out and response if needed. Suppliers to include in your list:

In Summary

These 18 winter checks to perform on your home will help you to go into the cold season confidently. Your home will be protected and ready for whatever weather nature wants to throw at us! Get in touch if you are local to Manchester and need assistance from Evo Roofing this cold season…

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