How to prepare your home for a roof replacement

How to Prepare for your Roof Replacement – A Guide for Homeowners

Having your roof replaced is a major element of refurbishing your home.  At Evolution Roofing we have been serving Manchester, Salford and beyond with maintaining, repairing and replacing roofs for over many years, and we have prepared this guide on how to prepare for your roof replacement to help you get your home ready.

How to prepare your home for your roof replacement – 5 key considerations:

  1. Your garden
  2. Your roof
  3. Your power supply
  4. Your neighbours
  5. Your family

In this article we will help you to get your home prepared for your roof replacement…

1. Prepare Your Garden

If you have lots of ornamental landscaping, shrubbery or precious plants, we would recommend covering them, if possible when preparing for your roofing work.  We work very quickly and efficiently aiming to cause minimum disruption but there will be dust and maybe some debris, so it is best to prepare and protect your garden.

It is also a good idea when preparing for your roofing work to remove any outdoor furniture, toys or other equipment – either to the opposite end of your garden, or to another safe space.

2. Prepare Your Roof

A key element to preparing for your roof replacement is preparing your roof.  If you have any attachments such as such as satellite dishes, lighting rods or ornamental decorations then these will need to be removed.  We recommend that if there is professionally installed equipment then you should contact the company that installed it to get the best advice on removal and reinstallation.

3. Your Power Supply - it is important to get clear on where we can get power from when preparing your house for a roof replacement

Your roofing team will need access to a power supply during your roofing work.  Ideally if there is an outside source of power then this will minimise disruption to your home, but an indoor supply close to a door or window can also work. It is best to discuss this with your roofing contractor during the consultation process so you can both agree the best approach.

4. Your Neighbours

If you want to stay in harmony with your street then letting your neighbours know about the up coming work that will be done on your roof is probably best!  Let them know roughly how long there will be construction taking place and if there needs to be any adjustments (such as parking arrangements for example).

5. Your Family

During your roofing work your home will essentially become a construction site, so it is essential that we put the health and safety of everyone at the top of our priorities.  We have a dedicated health and safety advisor that supports us, but it is best to brief the family on the noise that may be expected, and the potential hazards.  Your roofing contractor will discuss your exact circumstances during your consultation.

Preparing your home for your roof replacement doesn't have to be stressful...

Replacing your roof is a big job, but with good preparation and a good working relationship with your contractor, you can ensure the work takes place as smoothly as possible.

For roofing repairs, replacements and maintenance across Worsley, Salford and covering all of Manchester, please get in touch with Chris at Evolution Roofing for your bespoke quotation.

About the Evolution Team...

Chris and the team at Evolution Roofing have over 30 years experience in the roofing trade and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, efficient work and a zero default finish on all their projects. Proudly serving Manchester, Salford and beyond they are committed to using the best materials and techniques to give you ultimate satisfaction every time – with an insurance backed guarantee to give you additional confidence. 


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